(Please scroll down this page for information about hiring me for your project, plus some feedback and testimonials given by previous artists and clients.)

As a full time professional model, I am available for work with photographers, painters, designers and artists of various media, whether they be amateur hobbiests or experienced industry professionals, working indoors or out, for exhibitions, publication, portfolio building or commercial projects. I have been modelling for three years now; other than in studios, I've worked in ancient forests, lakes and waterfalls, derelict buildings, ruined manor houses and beautiful modern hotels, underwater, in deserts, against famous city landmarks, in cobbled colonial streets and flower gardens, in the sea, on the beach and in swimming pools, up mountains, on rockfaces, on the tops of cliffs, and in sunshine, rain, frost and snow.

I am represented by commercial agencies here in the UK, but take most bookings independently and directly.

I have worked with world-class, award-winning photographers, yet many of my favourite images were shot by (near-absolute) beginners with a drive to create something special. My goal is to inspire, to bring into being something that will last and which I can be proud of, and to be the catalyst for expressive and eye catching artwork. When working with me you'll find that I'm confident enough in my strengths to deliver, while collaborating and listening to you with the aim of bringing your ideas (however vague or particular) to life. I welcome new ideas, concepts and experiments whole-heartedly.


* * * * * * * MUSE-ISH MISCELLANY * * * * * * *

- It's extremely rare that I am given any direction whatsoever on shoots (though I'm perfectly happy to be directed!), so my portfolio generally represents my own posing and movement.
- You get what you see. I don't accept/include images for my own portfolio in which my body shape has been 'liquefied'/altered. I represent myself fairly. Yes, I might look incredible nipped/tucked/inflated... But I'd rather be credible. (I don't mind in the slightest if photographers want to do this stuff for their own uses.) 
- I am proud to have an extremely high proportion of re-bookings from artists/photographers. Click here for a few testimonials. 
- You can read an interview in PHmag here. Or this one, 'Modelling, Vanity and Self-Awareness. Or this article/interview hybrid 'The Muse', by David Bollt. 
- I modelled exclusively for an internationally-renowned painter for a year (3/4 times a week; not from photographs); I'm good at keeping still! It was an honour and I still model for him sometimes.
- Although modelling is my occupation, I will (and quite frequently do) turn down work if I don't think I'm the girl for the job. Sidenote: I'm afraid I don't consider publication in 'men's mags' (or similar) an 'opportunity'.
- I'm frequently told I look much younger than I am. I am lucky to have excellent skin without retouching (plus a healthy lifestyle).
- Here's a video: Click here!
- I'm a full time model and writer (a general resume is on my website).
- I'm fuelled by Earl Grey tea. Lady Grey or Chai if I'm feeling wild. :-) (No coffee, alcohol, smoke, meat or fish.)


* * * * * * * BOOKING INFORMATION * * * * * * *

Available for:
Art ~ commercial/lifestyle ~ dance/movement ~ nude ~ wedding ~  fashion ~ lingerie ~ sports/fitness ~ beauty and portraits ~ (artistic) glamour

I am described as having a ‘pre-Raphaelite’, classical ‘English Rose’ look and love working in historical, artistic, painterly styles. At the other end of the spectrum, I equally enjoy working in mainstream commercial genres and am available for fashion, beauty, portrait, lingerie, boudoir, wedding, theatrical and dance/movement projects. I have a unique, natural look suitable for various themes, from classical, dreamy and sensual (showing emotion, innocence, truth and glamour), to theatrical, abstract or stark (plus a good dose of 'the strange and the beautiful'). I enjoy versatility. Please note: my personal integrity is more important to me than money; I never undertake erotic, bondage, explicit, 'adult' , overly provocative or sexually-objectifying styles of work. I prefer to be involved with artful projects which celebrate the human form in its many contexts while inspiring in a more positive way.

My Appearance (UK sizes)
Height: 5’7.5”
Stats: 34C, 26, 39
Dress size: 10
Shoe size: 6.5
Hair: long and naturally curly; light brunette/dark blonde with multiple tones.
Eyes: Blue-green (aquamarine)

Please click here for information on my schedule, travel plans and upcoming events. I live in Oxfordshire, England (with easy access to London), but as a full time, professional model, I frequently work all around the UK and internationally. I welcome all enquiries, questions and ideas, whether it's last minute or far in advance, and wherever in the world you are. If you’d like my help/recommendations with booking a studio or location, I am happy to assist.

Hair, Make Up, Wardrobe and Ideas
I come to shoots with my hair naturally wavy/curly, unless something else is requested in advance. I can style it myself, or if you feel like hiring a hair stylist, that's always fun; it can make such a huge difference to my look and get you some extra-striking images! 

I am able to do my make up to a high standard, from 'natural' to 'evening/glamorous' (most of what you'll see is done by me); if you want extra bold/intricate make up, I can recommend or help find a make up artist. 

My wardrobe collection is vast and diverse. (My personal taste is eclectic/colourful/feminine/bohemian/glamorous.) I can provide lots of things in different styles for shoots, including ballet tutus, skirts and pointe shoes, wedding dresses (Vintage Victorian and modern) and bridal corsets, bright sports/dance/yoga-wear, colourful and casual fashion, glamorous evening dresses and sophisticated ball gowns, beautiful lingerie (lace, silk, sheer, flowing, vintage, diaphanous, bright and modern...), romantic pre-Raphaelite clothing, plus jewellery, accessories, props, isis wings (I have two pairs of these bellydance props!), silk dance veils, world costumery and lots more to add texture and interest to imagery. I have a habit of bringing too much, so you will be spoiled for choice. 

If you want to work with me but aren't sure what theme/style you'd like to experiment with, I have a list of ideas I haven't yet done which would make for some fresh and interesting images. Just ask! 

Events, Tuition and Workshops
I'm very experienced at modelling for tuition/workshops (fashion, wedding, portraiture, boudoir and nude). I'm relaxed and friendly, and good at putting people at ease. I can pose fluidly with or without direction, as is required.

Artists, painters and other media
Posing for painters is very different from posing for photographers. I'm experienced at both and welcome enquiries from artists working with various media.

Q: Can I make a painting/drawing from an image I've seen of you? 
A: Probably, BUT You will need prior permission from the copyright holder as well as from me, and there may be some conditions. Please enquire first and respect the law with regards to creating derivative work, as well as respecting my role as the subject. Thanks!

Character References
Before working with someone I haven’t met before, I always seek character references from other models. If these are not readily viewable on an industry networking site, please don’t be offended when I ask you to pass me some contact details. This is important for safety/professional reasons. If you are new to working with models, this is no problem but I may ask that we work in a public or studio location for the first session.
(Please scroll down this page to read some of my feedback from clients.)

Rates & Bookings
Please contact me for a price for your booking, giving as much information as you can about what we'll be doing. My rates are set to reflect my time, skills and experience as well as the effort and care I put in to each individual session. They include any make up, hair and styling that I do myself. Each session is a collaboration for me and I get quite excited about doing the best I can on any given booking.

My fees can include signed model releases (if you feel you'd like to provide them) to allow you to later sell, publish or win competitions with any images you take of me, should you feel so inclined. However, I am unlikely to allow images of me to be available to be sold on as 'stock' to third parties (for uses unspecified in advance, such as advertising products or unexpected associations) unless this is the express purpose of the shoot, discussed prior to it.

My business is tax-registered, and I can supply invoices and receipts on request. Payment is to be made on the day (unless otherwise agreed in advance), and can be made in cash, by paypal or by bank transfer. I take respect for other people's time very seriously and hope that you will do the same when booking me; if you have to cancel a booking within 7 days of the arranged date, I will be understanding but may ask that you pay the full amount regardless, so that any costs can be covered. (If this happens, I may view the payment as credit for a future shoot, depending on the circumstances.)

You can read what a few people have said about working with me below. I pride myself on doing a good job and genuinely love performing well. I want you to feel you have received value for money above and beyond what you expected, enjoy yourself and get the results you’re after. I am friendly, down to earth (not a diva!), patient and easy to work with, and have an extremely high proportion of re-bookings from previous artists and clients.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss a booking. I look forward to hearing from you!

* * * * * * * A FEW TESTIMONIALS... * * * * * * *

'Ella is a photographer's dream: she adopted every part of the story I wanted to tell in an instance, moving effortlessly in her dancer's steps. She brought my character to life, something I am eternally grateful for. I honestly do not think I will have one bad negative from our shoot! Her presence is incredibly calming, she is kind and very open minded to all ideas. She has an aura of whimsy, a living faerie. An absolute pleasure to work with - I am very very excited to work with her again in near future!'
- Katie Eleanor

‘Ella Rose is one of the best art nude models in the country in my humble opinion. She is intelligent, creative and of course beautiful. She works well both creating ideas and following directions and demonstrated great versatility. I really enjoyed working with her and we created some fantastic images. Definitely on my shortlist for working with again soon.’
- John Evans

‘I have enjoyed three shoots with Ella-Rose now, spanning from a few hours to adventures of several days in duration. Right from the start, I was delighted by her intelligent approach to modelling and dancer’s instinct. This means that Ella-Rose is able to conjure moments of extraordinary elegance and utter beauty that will leave you gasping in amazement. [...] Ella Rose has been game enough to tackle the physical challenges that working with me often entails; hiking the coastpath, climbing down cliffs, wading into ponds etc., with a warm smile. Totally charming, highly interesting and great company, there is a profound sense of joy evident in what this lady does; I defy anyone not to feel inspired.’
- Imagesse

‘[The photoshoot was] a relaxed, calm experience. Ella is as serene as her images suggest. We were able to create the shots together, working from each other's ideas. I think she is as beautiful inside as she shows on the outside. I am not experienced as a photographer and felt completely at ease with her. I hope we work together again.’
- Jon Williams

‘Ella Rose is stunningly beautiful, delightful to work with, her expressions go from sweet innocence to sophisticated elegance in an instant, her poses are subtle and nuanced, and she is wonderful company.’
- Barry Barker

'What a fantastic model she is. We shot together for a jewellery client of mine who was over the moon with the shots. Ella-Rose is adaptable and friendly and a joy to work with. Highly recommended and looking forward to the next shoot.'
- Will White

‘It's been a long time since I've walked away with so many different images from a single shoot, that I'm really happy with. Ella was brilliant to work with. She's gorgeous, easy going, intelligent and so easy to work with. Highly recommended.'
- Ciaran Whyte

'Ella Rose is a true professional - classic beauty, fantastic figure, extremely confident and able to give plenty of variety in terms of posing and looks. My first ever medal in competitive photography was won with a print featuring Ella Rose, and I relished the opportunity to work with her over a long weekend in Belfast. Every single photographer who attended the weekend workshops absolutely loved working with her, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Hopefully she will return for more of the same in the future.'
- Ross McKelvey

'Ella is one of my favourite models - always professional, always a joy to work with, great fun to be around... I was most impressed by her creativity, charm and unfussy attitude. Very professional in her pre-shoot communications, turned up on time and worked tirelessly without complaining once despite my rather chilly studio. An absolute treasure - book her before before word gets around or you won't get a chance!'
- Stefano Brunesci

We had so much fun...Ella is one of the most professional models that I have worked with...nothing is too much trouble. You cannot fail to get some of the most beautiful images for your portfolio. On the second occassion....Ella was booked with Zoi for a Yerbury Art Nude day which I attended in the July at Pipewell Hall...another fantastic event...As a trained dancer she moves from pose to pose without any effort. One of the UK's finest!
- Max Operandi

Ella Rose is one of the most professional models I have had the pleasure to work with. Attractive, creative and affable. A real joy. I have shot with her many times and we always created excellent results. I can highly recommend her to any one.
- Gregory Brown

'I'm so glad we got the chance to work together. We worked on as many ideas as possible and I am very pleased with the results. Ella is wonderful to work with and understood my doodled ideas and mad explanations of what this and that would look like once I've worked on the images post-production. Ella is a beautiful model with a personality to match and I would love the opportunity to work together again.'
- Clayton Bastiani

'Ella is a complete joy to collaborate with. Completely professional and excellent at her craft. Wonderful with direction, or simply letting her inhabit her environment in lovely ways. One of my favorite models to work with.'
- Billy Sheahan

‘Ella is unique. She brings not only a pure and natural aesthetic to every shoot but also an intelligence. Look into those eyes. They have something to say. Look at the sublime figure; it goes far beyond the Maid-Marion-Nymph-in-the-woods style 'English Rose'. Ella combines beauty with wit and that's rare. A shoot with her is a rewarding, creative symbiosis. Book her now before she hits the big time and is spirited away from us humble amateurs to play with the photographic Gods.’
- Bob Dixon

'I find that shooting her always helps me to raise my game creatively and to try new ideas and techniques. She is incredibly versatile, a perfect muse'.
- Brian Martin

‘Fashion shoot with Ella Rose, as ever her posing was spot on, able to switch from "catalogue" to "fashion" at a drop of a hat, so easy to work with. Highly recommended.’
- Simon Walden

‘An 8 hour studio session was not long enough! I just love Ella's lovely gentle nature and striking good looks which complement her technical proficiency and work ethic. An art-nude model from the very top drawer - class personified.’
- Carl Grim

'Just finished our first shoot. Ella Rose is fabulous - she has a superb figure and a great attitude. I highly recommend her.'
- Ian Leake

'Ella Rose has all the attributes required for a top model: beauty, charm, humour, grace, openness, suppleness, self-awareness, perseverance, diligence, and above all, intelligence.'
- Eric Kellerman

'First shoot with Ella Rose and WOW! A difficult project with which she coped and worked admirably. She moved beautifully and was very good at adjusting poses as well as jumping and leaping countless times. I am so very happy with my shoot with Ella Rose that I cannot compliment her enough - superb. I love working with models that like to try their hardest and throw themselves into it and Ella-Rose does. Very highly recommended.'
- Will White

'Each time I work with Ella, her professionalism and creativity enable us to get just the images I need for the books I produce. Her beauty, ability and approach to her work, make her a joy to work with. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants the high quality images. Book her and you won’t be disappointed.'
- Rayment Kirby

'Ella Rose is eloquent and intelligent which makes it easy to convey concepts to her. Very effortless to work with. Poses well, good complexion and is probably the embodiment of the phrase 'English Rose''.'
- Mick Waghorne

'Best shoot I have had this year.  So many good images. Recommending you to whatever photographers will listen.’
- Stephen Phillips

Ella was booked by us for a 1-2-1 photography workshop. Her experience as professional model was invaluable and made our client feel extremely comfortable. She is the ultimate professional. Excellent communications before hand, arrived on time and made the day thoroughly enjoyable for all.Of course her modelling abilities, natural beauty and grace go without question. She has flawless skin - a must for art-nude in my book - and a beautiful body. Would I use her again? Absolutely, no doubt about it! Highly recommended.
- Nudes Exposed

'She is a beautiful English Rose and has the ability to create timeless images for the photographer. On every shoot she has been supportive and creative and assisted me to create some very special images. She is very versatile'
- Illuminated Beauty Images

'I instantly fell in love with Ella. She is by far one of the best models that I have worked with and made shooting so much easier and understood my ideas and asking of poses straight away... I would love to work with Ella again and I couldn't recommend her enough.'
- Emma-Jane Lewis

'Ella Rose is a truly professional model, easy to work with, contributes greatly with ideas, and willing to pose in difficult conditions and terrain to get the right shot. I'm sure we will be working together in future.'
- Alex Ingram

'I had the most amazing photo shoot with Ella Rose and four other models... We concentrated on dance studies and figure work... It was the first time I had the pleasure of working with Ella Rose. She was truly professional, responded well to my instructions and also had some ideas of her own to make the images even better. I´d strongly recommend her. I´m dying to do some more sessions with her very soon.'
- Sjur Roald

I've worked with Ella on numerous occasions. She is always professional, highly creative and a joy to work with. I would recommend Ella to anyone who wants an excellent quality model who can bring ideas if required. She is hard working and committed to providing a satisfying shoot. The epitome of elegance and grace.
- Karen Jones

'Ella really delivered the images I was looking for - and then some! I learned later that she was not feeling well on the day of the shoot, but she did not even mention it. She just got on the job, and repeated some dance poses a hundred times until we got the image we were looking for. Ella is very intentional about her posing - she considers the shape of her hands, the unintentional shadows falling across her etc. It's this attention to detail that delivers that final killer picture. Ella is friendly, professional and a good collaborator. I'll happily recommend her to anyone looking to work with her.'
- Frank (Pangolin Photography)

'Ella Rose is an amazing model with a very distinctive and beautiful look. She also brings with her an ability to act a part and add a whole variety of expressions and poses to a shoot that really makes the photographers job easy. If you want to get some exceptional images I would recommend booking Ella.'
- Mike Croshaw

'I had a wonderful shoot with Ella Rose yesterday. Pre-shoot communications were great and she even did the legwork and scouted the location ahead of time. Ella has a delicate and beguiling beauty, a wonderfully natural and elegant manner in front of the camera and a charming personality. I cannot recommend her highly enough. An absolute star. I can't wait to work with her again [...] I have worked with Ella Rose many times now and every shoot is an absolute joy. I hope we will continue to work together for many years to come. Truly inspirational.'
- Jeremy Howitt

'I worked with Ella today and I think it was my favourite ever shoot. Yup! Despite cold wind and lack of sunshine, the 4 hours flew by. Ella was great at posing with and without direction and always enthusiastic. I would recommend her to anyone.'
- Andrew Kent

'I shot Ella Rose yesterday for two projects and was delighted by her versatility and enthusiasm. She is a beautiful woman with a fabulous figure who models easily and confidently - good company, too! Highly recommended.'
- Huw L (Full Moon Media)

'I went through the images last night and I am really SO VERY HAPPY with the results! I feel on a real high today because of this. It was a case of did I really take these?!! Thank you so, so much.'
- Calandra Images

'Last year I had the opportunity to work on location with the wonderfully talented Ella Rose. Ella is a beautiful model, natural and down to earth, elegant and charming, simply a lovely person to work with. Professional at all times, she was creative and thoughtful throughout the days shoot. Ella is special, she has a natural ability to draw inspiration from her immediate surroundings, to pose beautifully and then seamlessly become one with nature. She's just amazing. I look forward to working with Ella again and it goes without saying I can't recommend her highly enough.'
- Mark Davy-Jones

'Ella is, to put it simply, a model who is destined to reach the highest level of modelling - and it will be due to her estimable talent, candour, and spirited intuitive character. A joy to work with, and where I too learnt much.'
- Martin Billings